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Art for 2021 scholarship and fellowship annnouncement

Art by Younie Park

Scholarships and fellowships are essential for many undocumented students to pay for higher education, especially students who do not qualify for in-state tuition and state-based financial aid. Undocumented students pursuing higher education need to know that scholarships and fellowships are available to them—regardless of their immigration status.

In 2021, we’ve added 178 new scholarships and fellowships to our Scholarship and Fellowship Lists. The complete list now contains 427 undergraduate and 306 graduate/post-graduate scholarships and fellowships that do not require proof of citizenship or legal permanent residency (495 are open to undocumented individuals without DACA):

2021 Undergraduate Scholarships 2021 Undergraduate Fellowships
2021 Graduate Scholarships 2021 Graduate Fellowships

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🔥 List of Scholarships & Fellowships by @immigrantsrise have over 400 undergraduate and 300 graduate #scholarships #fellowships open to undocumented students. Learn More:

@immigrantsrise shares over 500 #scholarships & #fellowships open to undocumented undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students (495 open to non-DACA). Learn More:


Check out @immigrantsrising’s List of Scholarships & Fellowships which now have over 400 undergraduate and 300 graduate/post-graduate scholarships and fellowships open to undocumented students. Learn More:

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