“I realized that I am not alone on this journey. So many other undocumented folks also want to become lawyers.” — Stephanie Medina, Pre-Law Fund Grantee

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Immigrants Rising’s Pre-Law Program is for current undergraduate students and those with a bachelor’s degree, who are interested in applying to law school. Whether you’ve just started exploring the possibility of law school or are ready to apply in the upcoming academic year, we’re confident that we’ll have something for you!

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Pre-Law 101 Webinar

Are you curious about law school but not yet sure if it’s for you? Attend this webinar to get a glimpse of the law school admissions process and what pursuing a legal career entails—through the lens of an undocumented person! Watch the webinar from October 26, 2023.

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Pre-Law Bootcamp

If you know you want to pursue a legal career, but are unsure about the steps you need to take and/or when you want to apply to law schools—this program is for you! Our four-day Pre-Law Bootcamp is designed to provide undocumented young people interested in applying to law school with extra support navigating the process and a community of other pre-law students and legal professionals. Learn more.

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Pre-Law Fund

Pre-Law Bootcamp participants can receive financial support to apply to law schools in the upcoming academic year! Through our Pre-Law Fund, we offer $2,500 grants to low-income immigrants to cover the cost of LSAT preparations and law school applications. Learn more.

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Pre-Law Program Alumni Network

By participating in our Pre-Law Program, you will be part of a growing alumni network of undocumented pre-law students, law school students, and legal professionals!

[1] Pre-Law Fund is available to only those who have completed the Pre-Law Bootcamp.