“Our undocumented students are now taking on leadership roles and leading their peers in activities, fundraisers, and other organizing at the district level across schools.” — Karen Martinez, Parent Center Manager at Cindy Avitia High School

Immigrants Rising places Community Engagement Fellows at specific high school sites to engage in year-long partnerships. Through our high school partnerships, we are able to deepen our engagement with undocumented high school students and their high schools, uplift promising institutional practices and support site partners in developing and implementing sustainable support systems for undocumented students.

Here are our current high school partners:

  • Alpha: Cindy Avitia High School (San Jose, California)
  • Fremont High School, (Oakland, California)
  • Ignacio Valley High School (Concord, California)
  • June Jordan School For Equity (San Francisco, California)
  • Richmond High School (Richmond, California)
  • San Francisco International High School (San Francisco, California)