Position: UndocuEducators Group Participant

Photo of Vianney

Vianney (she/her/ella) is a justice-oriented educator, researcher, and writer passionate about language, creative writing, and immigrant and refugee justice. Her research and community work are informed by her experience growing up as an undocumented student and training in critical language studies and culturally sustaining pedagogy. Currently, Vianney works at the intersection of language, race, educational equity, and the arts across educational settings.

Vianney’s experience working with high school and community college students in college access inspired her to pursue a Ph.D. to further understand the array of outside forces impinging on students’ trajectories. Vianney’s research focuses on the intersection of race and language within educational spaces, honing in on the social experiences of newcomer migrant and refugee students in high school. As a result, she developed creative writing spaces designed for Latinx adolescent girls to build their confidence, unleash their silenced voices, and speak their truths. Vianney is thrilled about the upcoming launch of Liberando Nuestras Voces (Unleashing Our Voices), a project that emerged from a labor of love and collaborations with local women of color artists and poets.