Xingxing Wan

Position: Mental Health Career Program Participant

Photo of Xingxing Wan

Supervisor: Nick Bognar , LMFT
Location: Central Valley, CA

Xingxing Wan (she/her) was born and raised in China and arrived in the United States at the age of 20 in pursuit of better educational opportunities. She started her pre-MBA from Oregon State University while working as a nanny and a dog walker After graduating with her MBA in marketing and human resources in 2016, she worked in the private sector where she was treated badly and underpaid by her employer due to her immigration status. She was also defrauded by her immigration attorney who took her money and disappeared. Today, Xingxing continues working as a dog walker and nanny but she never gave up on her dream. Finding a career pathway that she felt passionate about, she went to Pacific Oaks College and finished her MFT program. Right now, she looks forward to helping people who face hardships associated with their immigration status.