Thank you for your interest in Immigrant Rising’s Scholarship Fund. We wanted to let you know that we are no longer accepting applications. This was a difficult decision and we realize you may be disappointed.

We have tremendous pride in the more than 175 scholarship recipients we supported starting in 2007. Their extraordinary accomplishments and contributions motivate us to pursue broader-reaching strategies that increase the overall amount of financial aid available to undocumented students and improve undocumented students’ ability to access this aid.

We continue to expand our scholarship resources and work with other scholarship providers to open up access to students regardless of citizenship or residency status.

Here are some scholarship resources that may be of support to you right now:

  • Applying for Scholarships: This flyer will help you get started with your scholarship search.
  • List of Scholarships and Fellowships: These lists contain over 344 undergraduate and 302 graduate/post-graduate scholarships and fellowships
  • Overview of Grants to Individuals: Have you found a scholarship that isn’t open to undocumented students? Use this guide to inform scholarship providers that they are not required to ask applicants for citizenship, residency, SSN, or work authorization.