“This is about basic human rights and freedom. People should be able to pursue their dreams.” Ju Hong, Leadership Council Member & 2013 Scholar


We empower undocumented young people to achieve educational and career goals through personal, institutional and policy transformation.


We envision an America where all young people can pursue and complete an education with confidence and without constraint.


Our work is driven by and for undocumented young people.

Those most affected by unequal access to opportunities, rights and resources must be at the center of designing and moving forward solutions for the betterment of all. Undocumented young people are powerful leaders who develop long-term partnerships with committed and capable allies in order to realize common goals.

Our work is community and relationship-based.

Our community is strong, inclusive, and diverse. We create a safe and accepting environment where undocumented young people and allies develop sustaining relationships, take risks, heal, and inspire one another.

We focus on undocumented young people’s assets.

Undocumented young people are a vibrant force in U.S. culture, economy, and society. We build on individual and collective strengths in order to secure the resources necessary to learn and thrive.

We believe personal transformation fuels broader systemic change.

Undocumented young people inspire entire communities. Individual successes increase understanding, change policies, and open up access and opportunity for all.

We embrace and nurture the whole person.

Undocumented young people are multi-dimensional with intersectional identities. We strive for wholeness, including physical and emotional wellbeing, in order to achieve personal goals and healing.

We are innovative and persistent.

We are nimble and responsive to what is happening on the ground. We look for the road not yet taken and pursue creative ideas to address complex social needs. Whatever obstacles are in our way, we persist. We break down barriers to education and career to create possibilities for today’s undocumented young people.

We take the long view.

While we focus on today’s undocumented young people, we strive for solutions that will increase educational success and open up career opportunities for future generations of undocumented young people as well.

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