Income Generation Webinar Series (English)

Themes/Topics: Entrepreneurship & Freelancing

Geography: California, National

Audience: Undocumented Youth

This three-part series is created (in partnership with United We Dream) to help you understand what it means to work for yourself, develop an entrepreneurial mindset and launch your business.

Webinar 1: Understanding What It Means To Work for Yourself

Learn the differences between employment and entrepreneurship, including legal considerations. Find out how to get started as an independent contractor.

Watch “Webinar 1: Understanding What It Means To Work for Yourself”

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Webinar 2: Developing an Entrepreneurship Mindset

Learn how to get started with entrepreneurship. The webinar will provide a hands-on approach to turn your specific skills, experience and knowledge into opportunities to generate income.

Watch “Webinar 2: Developing an Entrepreneurship Mindset”

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Webinar 3: Starting a Business

Learn how to establish your own business and successfully become an entrepreneur. We’ll be wrapping up our webinar series and bringing together all the elements we learned.

Watch “Webinar 3: Launching A Business”

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