Dreaming Higher: Investing in California’s Future by Investing in Undocu­mented Students

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"Today, 11 million undocumented people live in a state of constant uncertainty and fear that they could be ripped from their lives and the people they love at any moment. And yet these aspiring Americans continue to work, live, learn and pursue their dreams—strengthening the communities and institutions they’re an integral part of."

February 2020 Newsletter

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Spring Webinars for students, educators and entrepreneurs, this month’s Kickstarter Grant Winners, Pre-Law Fund for future law students and more.

Spring Webinars

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This Spring, we’re bringing you 5 webinars to share our knowledge on topics related to income generation, career options and institutional support for undocumented students.

2020 Educator: Liliana Campos

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Liliana Campos, Mental Health Advocate at Immigrants Rising and a member of the California Psychological Association’s Immigrant Task Force, shares how her personal story of being an undocumented immigrant has allowed her to connect and build trust with the communities she helps.

January 2020 Newsletter

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Speaking out at the Women’s March, new Pre-Law Fund for students applying to law school, DACA author breaks into the publishing industry, and more.

EFF to Supreme Court: Criminal Immigration Statute Threatens Free Speech Online

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Federal law will chill online platforms from hosting constitutionally protected speech about immigration, including information and resources immigrants need to navigate life, make informed decisions, and pursue educational and career goals. Along with Electronic Frontier Foundation, Internet Archive and Daphne Keller, we're asking the Supreme Court to strike it down.