What is the Special Immigrant Juvenile Status?

“I could've possibly benefited from SIJS had I been aware of this remedy. It was a missed opportunity.”

At Immigrants Rising, we’re committed to supporting undocumented young people learn about their immigration options.

Although Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) is one of the most common paths to legal status for undocumented youth, many miss out because they don’t find out about it until they’re too old to qualify.

We’re excited to release a SIJS educational video and quick guide to help undocumented youth learn about this immigration option, the requirements, and benefits.

Share our SIJS video and quick guide with undocumented youth to help them learn about this time-sensitive immigration option.

Even if you don’t know anybody in your life who qualifies, it’s vital to get the message out so that young immigrants don’t miss out on a narrow window of legalization. Can you commit to forwarding this email to educators, friends, and members of your community who may know undocumented young people?

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