EDUCATORS: Help Undocumented Students Triumph!

Education is the key to personal transformation—the opportunity to learn, whether it is in a classroom or a job site, gives individuals the agency to improve their own lives. We are excited to share new resources to help educators support undocumented students in achieving their educational ambitions:

HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATORS: Join Our Webinar Series

Next week we’ll be launching our High School Educator Webinar Series to make sure educators have the most up-to-date tools and resources necessary to support undocumented students. Every month, we’ll be covering new opportunities and resources for undocumented high school students in California.

Join our first webinar The Basics: How Educators can Help Undocumented Students Pursue College from 4:00-5:00 pm on October 23rd.

COLLEGE EDUCATORS: Participate in the “Undocumented Student Action Week” Webinar Series

We’re proud to participate in the California Community College Undocumented Student Action Week, a system-wide campaign to advocate and provide support resources for our undocumented student population. We’ll be hosting ten webinars specifically for community college undocumented students and educators. Topics for educators include creating Dream Resource Centers, developing sustainable program funding, protecting student data, and more. Learn More

ALL EDUCATORS: Download Our Educational Resource Binder

Our Educational Resource Binder gives secondary and post-secondary educators in California the information and tools they need to provide holistic support to undocumented students. The binder includes handouts that students can use to apply for in-state tuition, state-based financial aid, and scholarships. It also has guides to help educators in creating safe and supportive campuses and strong institutional practices.
Download our Educational Resource Binder