Position: Mental Health Career Program Participant

Photo of Stella

From a young age, Stella (she/her) was always eager to discover what truly excited her. Raised in Xinjiang, China, Stella set out on a journey to find her passion and a better life in the U.S.

After searching for years, Stella found her path in, helping people navigate their emotions and overcome life’s toughest challenges, especially under-resourced immigrants like herself. Today, Stella is an accomplished associate mental health counselor specializing in helping people recover from difficult experiences, overcome harmful habits, and understand the intricate relationships between mothers and daughters.

Stella often compares herself to a tiger, connecting with its strong determination and limitless strength. Dealing with immigration restrictions has felt like being trapped in a cage, limiting her opportunities. But, just like a tiger, She has used her inner strength to break through these barriers and make the most of her abilities. Stella is grateful to the Mental Health Career Program for giving her a chance to start a new life, and empowering her to show a path to comfort and renewal to those who are struggling.