“Thank you for valuing undocumented lives and fighting for them through a lens of love and not anger. I am happy to have been part of a supportive team and an amazing organization.” — Gissela Moya, 2017-18 Immigration Law Fellow


Immigrants Rising offers year-long fellowships for undocumented young people in the Bay Area and nationwide.

Community Engagement Fellowship
Expand your knowledge about educational access and topics affecting undocumented young people while supporting high schools to develop and implement sustainable support systems for undocumented students.

Entrepreneurship Fellowship
Learn about entrepreneurship opportunities open to all immigrants, regardless of status; research organizations that support entrepreneurs; and build a network of entrepreneurs in your locale, region or community

Higher Education Fellowship
Expand undocumented student access to higher education through training, resource creation and outreach strategies.

Immigration Law Fellowship
Receive hands-on training in immigration law and educate undocumented people about their immigration options.

Non-profit Technology Fellowship
Receive hands-on training in the various technology utilized by nonprofits to support programmatic delivery and marketing.

STEM Fellowship

This fellowship is for STEM graduates (or students who are about to graduate). Receive mentorship, peer support, and hands-on experience at a host site.

Applications for our Fellowships are currently closed.

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