November 2021 Newsletter

Sign the Pledge for equitable and inclusive access to higher education.
On this 20th anniversary of AB 540, we’re gathering 20,540 pledges to ensure equitable implementation of AB 540/SB 68 and to increase access to higher education for more undocumented students.


Thousands of undocumented students have attained their educational goals through AB 540. However, educators and students from across the state continue to see challenges in accessing the available funding and navigating the complicated eligibility requirements for AB 540/SB 68. Together we must go further and widen the door of opportunity for undocumented students in California who dream of reaching their educational goals.

Preview of EdSource article "Challenges remain for undocumented students to tap financial aid in California"

“I want to celebrate AB 540 and SB 68, but frankly, the fact that there are so many more eligible that are not getting the aid means that there’s a systems problem.” — Tammeil Gilkerson, president of Evergreen Valley College in San Jose, shares with EdSource.

See this article by EdSource to learn more about challenges that remain for undocumented students in accessing financial aid and what Immigrants Rising is doing to address these challenges.

✈️ Travel Resources

Traveling While Undocumented Resources

Planning to travel this holiday season? Before your next air or ground travel, review these recommendations available to the public regarding safe travel protocols.
For Spanish: video on air travels | video on ground transportations

Quick Tips on Preparing Going Through TSA

Feeling overwhelmed about flying on a domestic flight while undocumented? Check out these tips to prepare — mentally and physically — before you go through TSA!

❄️ Holiday Gifts From Immigrant-owned Businesses

Need help with your holiday shopping? Consider shopping from these immigrant-owned businesses!

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2021 has been a watershed year for Immigrants Rising. Between supporting undocumented entrepreneurs through the SEED Fund, marking the 20th anniversary of the passage of AB 540 with a call to action, and holding wellness support groups, Immigrants Rising continues our 15 years of transforming the lives of undocumented young people.

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