Cris Mercado: Becoming An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur, Program Participant

Cris Mercado, founder and CEO of GrantAnswers and an Entrepreneurship Ambassador, reflects on the factors that led him to pursue entrepreneurship.

Cris Mercado is the founder and CEO of GrantAnswers, a data, strategy & product consulting firm for social impact. During his career, he has trained 300+ emerging technologists from diverse backgrounds for tech careers. He has also helped 200+ low-income, 1st generation students ascend to college and earn nearly $2 million in scholarships & grants. His features in WSJ, NBC, and Forbes, along with keynotes and panels for Teach For America and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, encompass immigration, workforce development, tech diversity/inclusion & entrepreneurship. Cris is a winner of the inaugural Communitas America Impact Ventures program and Immigrants Rising’s Entrepreneurship Fund award.