How Dreamers Contribute

Published December 11, 2022.

Immigrants Rising program participants Saba Nafees (Entrepreneurship Fellow & Entrepreneurship Fund recipient) and Reyna Maldonado (SEED grantee) profiled in LA Progressive share about the economic and cultural contributions of undocumented people and the need for a permanent immigration solution beyond DACA.

“They have the tenacity and the perseverance to continue to fight, to continue to give back, to find ways to overcome obstacles and be part of society. They give back as teachers, scientists, physicians, and restaurant workers, among various other roles,” said Saba Nafees.

“I think we contribute so much of our hard work and culture and traditions and we are able to make the Bay Area what it is. Without immigrants, we wouldn’t be able to have this much culture, this much diversity,” said Reyna Maldonado.

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