June 2019 Newsletter

Learn How to Get Started with Your Freelance Work

Immigrants Rising is partnering with Samaschool to deliver two one-day workshops specifically tailored for immigrants interested in starting to work as an independent contractor. Join us for this in-person workshop on either July 9th or July 30th in the SF Bay Area. For those outside of the SF Bay Area, virtual trainings may be available. Learn More

Apply to our New Operations Coordinator Position

Recently we’ve experienced tremendous growth in our organization and are in need of a new Operations Coordinator who will provide essential coordination and support in Administration, Event Planning, and Office Management.
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Stay Informed and Remain Calm

Last week, President Trump made statements about potential large-scale deportation raids happening in the coming months. While it’s unclear when those raids might occur, it’s important to stay informed, remain calm, and know your rights.
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Movies Highlighting Undocumented Experience
Learn more about the undocumented identity through films. Check out this movie bibliography of short films and full-length movies that encapsulates challenges, joys, and everything in between associated with the undocumented experience. Learn More

Community Stories

He Went From Undocumented Student to Teacher of the Year, Blazing a Path for Others

“I’m able to be with my students, teach and be part of this community. That’s all I could ever ask for.” — Julio Navarrete, “Teacher of the Year” at American High School
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