Alice Kleeman

Donor/Supporter, Educator

"I have a zillion memories of handing students, parents, and other educators a slip of paper with your website written on it."

Chhandasi Pandya Patel


"Please keep continuing to inspire us all and keep fighting the good fight!"

Jennifer Pence & Adam Feder

Donor/Supporter, Educator

"We need lots of smart, hard-working immigrants to continue to improve the U.S."

Tony Press

Donor/Supporter, Educator

"These are our kids. They are our future."

Jorge Ramos


"What moves me almost to tears is when I receive a note from a scholarship recipient that says, 'I made it. I graduated.'"

Sandra Rodrigues

Donor/Supporter, Educator

"I feel compelled to work with these students because I have faith that they will become citizens."

Liz Simons

Donor/Supporter, Educator

"Undocumented young people have suffered in ways that others haven’t; yet they still have a hunger for learning."

Susan Suarez-Madson

Donor/Supporter, Educator

"This organization doesn't just support students; it empowers, engages, and employs students in all areas of its operation."

“What moves me almost to tears is when I receive a note from a scholarship recipient that says, ‘I made it. I graduated.’” — Jorge Ramos, writer, Emmy-winning journalist, & Immigrants Rising supporter since 2009


Immigrants Rising gratefully acknowledges the generous contributions of the following corporations, foundations and individuals. Thank you for helping us transform the lives of undocumented young people and fuel broader changes!

Corporations & Companies

  • Clark Construction Group LLC
  • Lal Legal APLC
  • PwC Charitable Foundation, Inc.


  • College Futures Foundation
  • Christine Hoang and Paul Nakada Donor Advised Fund
  • Crankstart
  • Evelyn & Walter Haas Jr. Fund
  • The Gonzalez Family Giving Fund
  • The Grove Foundation
  • The James Irvine Foundation
  • Larry L. Hillblom Foundation (at the recommendation of Stephen J. Schwartz)
  • Leslie Family Foundation
  • Rathman Family Fund
  • Robyn & Loren Shalinsky Fund
  • Shustek Dubinsky Family Philanthropic Fund (Lemala Fund)
  • Stupski Foundation
  • Truist Foundation
  • Zellerbach Family Foundation

“This organization is targeted, thoughtful, innovative, effective, humane, and thought-provoking in its approach to supporting undocumented youth.” — Jo Ann Intili and Ed Kissam, co-trustees of the WKF Giving Fund and supporters of Immigrants Rising since 2009


  • Anonymous
  • Dominique Acosta
  • Dayana Alvarado Escobedo
  • Juan Arredondo
  • Beleza Chan
  • Carrie Evans & Paul Sytsma
  • Kathleen Fitzgerald
  • Jed Hartman
  • Erik Kuhi (It won’t be easy but persistent hard work will create success!)
  • Abigail and Anthony Leonard
  • Katie Messina-Silva (This contribution is in the name of Dra. Abigail Garcia-Patton. Thanks for all the great work you do everyday, Immigrants Rising!)
  • Nicola Place
  • Nicole Lugtu
  • Nicole Visco
  • Blanca Rodriguez (I sympathize with you all the students under different legal statuses, because at one point I was one of them.)
  • Charlotte Schriner
  • Daniel Sillas
  • Naomi Sneath
  • Abigail Wambaugh
  • Stephen Yale-Loehr
  • Colin Yap (in honor of Aki Yoshikawa)
  • Annie Yu

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