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EFF to Supreme Court: Criminal Immigration Statute Threatens Free Speech Online

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Federal law will chill online platforms from hosting constitutionally protected speech about immigration, including information and resources immigrants need to navigate life, make informed decisions, and pursue educational and career goals. Along with Electronic Frontier Foundation, Internet Archive and Daphne Keller, we're asking the Supreme Court to strike it down.

The Overlooked Undocumented Immigrants: From India, China, Brazil

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“Their parents encourage them to keep their heads low, not share their stories, not speak out about immigration issues,” said Katharine Gin, executive director of Immigrants Rising, a San Francisco-based advocacy organization that works with undocumented youth. "Especially if they’re not from Mexico or other parts of Latin America, no one suspects them of being undocumented.”

As Supreme Court decision looms, undocumented Asians say they must speak up or risk losing DACA

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“We basically had a piece of legislation that gave us a purpose — gave us energy,” said Dean Santos, who works at Immigrants Rising, a San Francisco nonprofit that helps undocumented young people achieve their career and educational goals. DACA “helped define us and started getting some of us involved in fighting for our rights. But honestly, there’s still not enough involvement.”