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August 2020 Newsletter

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#UndocuHustle Educator Preview Day, resources to help you advocate for racial justice, build a campus website for undocumented students and more!

July 2020 Newsletter

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We’re excited to announce our new #UndocuHustle Learning Hub, recipients of our Pre-Law Fund, new DACA resources, and more!

Iliana Perez on the Future of Dreamers After the Supreme Court Decision

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"I graduated in 2009 with a degree in math. I chose a subject that I thought would open opportunities here or in another country. Given that this was way before DACA, I definitely thought about leaving the country to pursue different opportunities." Listen to Iliana's new podcast with Rational Middle.

June 2020 Newsletter

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Update on DACA, “The Village Speaks” discussion on systemic racism, living as an undocumented Black immigrant, and more!

DACA Ruling Safeguards Dreamers on the Front Lines of Covid-19

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"The future is even less certain for those in a Dreamer’s orbit. 'They’re most concerned about the family members that they provided information about in order to apply,' said Katharine Gin, executive director of Immigrants Rising, whom Courthouse News spoke to in May about the mental toll on Dreamers awaiting the ruling."