Rodrigo Dorador

Community Engagement, Fellow, Staff

"Being undocumented is a learned behavior. If it can be learned, it can be unlearned."

Rodrigo Dorador, former fellow and staff member, talks about the power of defining one’s own narrative.

Rodrigo Dorador first joined Immigrants Rising as an Outreach Ambassador in 2011. He became the Community Education Coordinator a year later, and then led the program as manager from 2014 to 2016. Two years ago Rodrigo moved back to his home state of Arizona to be closer to his family and community, and to help make Arizona a better place for immigrants. He’s currently serving as a board member for Scholarships A-Z and a data analyst for the Be a Leader Foundation in Arizona. In Fall 2018, Rodrigo will, again, pack up his bags and move to Boston to attend the Harvard Kennedy School of Government as a U.S. Latino Leadership Fellow.