Denia Perez

Creative Writing Class, Fellow, High School Engagement, Legal Services Team, Scholar, Staff

"Because I know how hard it is for people to get status, I wanted to find a way to advocate for other undocumented people"

Tommy Statkiewicz

Fellow, Legal Services Team, Staff

"It was such a long journey to get to where I was"

Tommy Statkiewicz

Fellow, Legal Services Team, Staff

"I just remember the physical weight coming off of my shoulders"

Rodrigo Dorador

Fellow, High School Engagement, Staff

"Being undocumented is a learned behavior. If it can be learned, it can be unlearned."

Krsna Avila

Creative Writing Class, Fellow, Leadership Council, Legal Services Team, Staff

"People can still succeed in their education and careers, despite all the negative policies around us."

Carrie Evans

Leadership Council, Staff

"So many undocumented young people live with honor, resilience, and integrity in the midst of significant uncertainty and inequity."

Francisco Gonzalez

Legal Services Team, Staff

"There’s a level of commitment and a level of excitement that makes the place very unique."

Alejandra Guillen

Legal Services Team, Staff

"Folks are welcomed here, regardless of their background and where they're at."

Mario Lio

Creative Writing Class, Scholar, Staff

"It’s like a wellness center, a place you go to recharge and meet other people like yourself."