Alvaro Morales


"This organization creates opportunities and opens doors, often, for people that don't think those doors even exist."

Julio Navarrete

Creative Writing Class, Leadership Council, Staff

"It changed my own perspective of myself; I felt a sense of empowerment that I didn't have before."

Chhandasi Pandya Patel


"Please keep continuing to inspire us all and keep fighting the good fight!"

Jennifer Pence & Adam Feder

Donor/Supporter, Educator

"We need lots of smart, hard-working immigrants to continue to improve the U.S."

Tony Press

Donor/Supporter, Educator

"These are our kids. They are our future."

Jorge Ramos


"What moves me almost to tears is when I receive a note from a scholarship recipient that says, 'I made it. I graduated.'"

Sandra Rodrigues

Donor/Supporter, Educator

"I feel compelled to work with these students because I have faith that they will become citizens."

Jay Sherwin


"I’ve been completely inspired and impressed by what undocumented young people have accomplished despite all the obstacles."

Liz Simons

Donor/Supporter, Educator

"Undocumented young people have suffered in ways that others haven’t; yet they still have a hunger for learning."